Sunday, May 29, 2011


Whats up everyone(only 2 followers lol)
well heres a new addition to my blog
and since I have time to kill and wide awake might as well update here.
Now the topic is lies.
The reason I chose this topic is because a friend of mine thought he was being cheated,and lied too by his significant other.
It turns out to be a big misunderstanding in the end.
Now for me I have a LONG past with past liars and to be honest I feel liked I've been lied to.
Now to be frank I really don't like being lied to (obviously) I just wish with the people I knew and love they would just say the truth to my face.
I mean yes it would hurt me at first but I will get over it.
I say that because I rather get hurt by the truth then get hurt by a lie.
It shows that the person doesn't trust you.
I trust a lot of people because of how I can be honest and they can be honest back
There are a few people I don't trust and I feel like every time they talk to me its like i'm hearing a pterodactyl screaming in my ear lol.
Nobody likes getting lied to.
I just hope anyone who reads this will think back about the lies they said and really think: "Was that the best thing to do"
And either man up and face the music*insert music here* lol
so anyway I hope you guys learn something here and have a good day. (hope get more followers =D)
Peace Out!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


WHAT another Blog post
yep another in the same day is blasphemy XD
well anyway the title King because I really like this song
from Forever The Sickest Kids (One of my top 5 favorite bands)
King for a Day


Day 3  =D
All right to be honest I'm actually getting used to this blog thing. Anyway today is the day my friends are graduating. AHH I remember when I graduated it was......magical? Nope haha the day I graduated wasn't that great actually. Why well during graduation me and a couple of my friends played the finger game DURING graduation. The reason why... it was boring haha. Well other than the actual ceremony being boring still it's great that I graduated from high school and I feel happy that my friends get to experience that. Well like how they were last year watching me I'm going to be the one watching them. So to the Class of 2011 Congratulations on making it to this day and good luck with future endeavors. ^_^
And you know whats funny nobody will look at this XDDD
Well thats another short addition to my blog.
Peace Out!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Hey all day two of my blog ^_^
I finally have a place where I can say my piece about things.
This time its...Love.
I Love the most amazing girl in the world.
This feeling is so unfamiliar to me that i'm still jazzed that this is happening.
I've met this girl in short but long 3 months.
She has been through so much and in this 3 months I feel like I want to do anything for her.
Last week she did the unthinkable and tried to kill herself.
I was devastated that she did what she did.
I have history with people who did that sort of thing.
It really hit me hard knowing that she did.
Ever since she did that i'm doing everything in my power to prevent that from happening.
The one thing I will do is make her happy, make her feel like she belongs here.
This feeling I have never felt this way towards anyone.
The feeling of loving someone and someone loving you back it almost makes me cry that I found someone that feels the same way. =')
I just hope I can do what I say i'll do.
Make her happy being with me.
*sigh* almost got teary eyed hahaha okay thats another addition to this blog here =).
Peace Out~

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Hello guys and gals  my name is Janalvin Sepnio( it's a weird name i know) you can call me whatever you want. Usually i'm called from the following: JonJon, JanJan, Janny, Jan, DearJan, and Tubby(only one person can call me that <3) yeah all of the following is what you guys can call me by except the last one =P. Well this IS my first blog so go easy on me. I might not post a lot but I will do my best to keep this place updated(if I get any followers at all lol). Now that's out of the way, I am also Filipino and proud of it ^_^. I am an anime fan I am open for any suggestions of anime. Also I might do some anime reviews on the shows I like and worthy of reviewing lol. I also play Yu-Gi-Oh! yeah I know i'm a little kid XP but its a hobby and way more addicting then drugs XP (I don't do drugs). Well thats basically what I am there are things I forget just lazy to put down here so yeah enjoy my blog and hopefully get some followers on here. Peace and Love! =)