Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Hello guys and gals  my name is Janalvin Sepnio( it's a weird name i know) you can call me whatever you want. Usually i'm called from the following: JonJon, JanJan, Janny, Jan, DearJan, and Tubby(only one person can call me that <3) yeah all of the following is what you guys can call me by except the last one =P. Well this IS my first blog so go easy on me. I might not post a lot but I will do my best to keep this place updated(if I get any followers at all lol). Now that's out of the way, I am also Filipino and proud of it ^_^. I am an anime fan I am open for any suggestions of anime. Also I might do some anime reviews on the shows I like and worthy of reviewing lol. I also play Yu-Gi-Oh! yeah I know i'm a little kid XP but its a hobby and way more addicting then drugs XP (I don't do drugs). Well thats basically what I am there are things I forget just lazy to put down here so yeah enjoy my blog and hopefully get some followers on here. Peace and Love! =)


  1. Who is allowed to call you Tubby?

  2. The most Amazing Girl in the world
    I <3 her very much. =)