Sunday, May 29, 2011


Whats up everyone(only 2 followers lol)
well heres a new addition to my blog
and since I have time to kill and wide awake might as well update here.
Now the topic is lies.
The reason I chose this topic is because a friend of mine thought he was being cheated,and lied too by his significant other.
It turns out to be a big misunderstanding in the end.
Now for me I have a LONG past with past liars and to be honest I feel liked I've been lied to.
Now to be frank I really don't like being lied to (obviously) I just wish with the people I knew and love they would just say the truth to my face.
I mean yes it would hurt me at first but I will get over it.
I say that because I rather get hurt by the truth then get hurt by a lie.
It shows that the person doesn't trust you.
I trust a lot of people because of how I can be honest and they can be honest back
There are a few people I don't trust and I feel like every time they talk to me its like i'm hearing a pterodactyl screaming in my ear lol.
Nobody likes getting lied to.
I just hope anyone who reads this will think back about the lies they said and really think: "Was that the best thing to do"
And either man up and face the music*insert music here* lol
so anyway I hope you guys learn something here and have a good day. (hope get more followers =D)
Peace Out!

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  1. =') wow, yeah I have to agree with that, it's always better to tell the truth then get hurt by a lie. Truth hurts less than a lie.