Thursday, May 26, 2011


Day 3  =D
All right to be honest I'm actually getting used to this blog thing. Anyway today is the day my friends are graduating. AHH I remember when I graduated it was......magical? Nope haha the day I graduated wasn't that great actually. Why well during graduation me and a couple of my friends played the finger game DURING graduation. The reason why... it was boring haha. Well other than the actual ceremony being boring still it's great that I graduated from high school and I feel happy that my friends get to experience that. Well like how they were last year watching me I'm going to be the one watching them. So to the Class of 2011 Congratulations on making it to this day and good luck with future endeavors. ^_^
And you know whats funny nobody will look at this XDDD
Well thats another short addition to my blog.
Peace Out!

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