Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Hey all day two of my blog ^_^
I finally have a place where I can say my piece about things.
This time its...Love.
I Love the most amazing girl in the world.
This feeling is so unfamiliar to me that i'm still jazzed that this is happening.
I've met this girl in short but long 3 months.
She has been through so much and in this 3 months I feel like I want to do anything for her.
Last week she did the unthinkable and tried to kill herself.
I was devastated that she did what she did.
I have history with people who did that sort of thing.
It really hit me hard knowing that she did.
Ever since she did that i'm doing everything in my power to prevent that from happening.
The one thing I will do is make her happy, make her feel like she belongs here.
This feeling I have never felt this way towards anyone.
The feeling of loving someone and someone loving you back it almost makes me cry that I found someone that feels the same way. =')
I just hope I can do what I say i'll do.
Make her happy being with me.
*sigh* almost got teary eyed hahaha okay thats another addition to this blog here =).
Peace Out~

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