Tuesday, June 7, 2011


OK im going to rant on here >=(
Ok so there are problems in the house dealing with money like all families but to me this takes the cake.
Found this agency a few months ago. An agency where they find you a job for me. Now everything is going smoothly until today. Now a few weeks now they call me and asked me to go to work which is fine more money for me. Now today they called me again in the afternoon telling me theres no work today. Ok. Thats fine with me then. and now they call me at night and ask me if I can go to work  because apparently there is work for me.
I was thinking man they called me late when I have my sights on relaxing the whole day. When my parents told asked me what they asked i just refused to go to work today. Now they're all butt hurt because i refused to go to work once. ONCE!!! and now they're telling my things like
"whats gonna happen to us now"
"do u now want to go to work"
"I dont know anymore"
"Your just being lazy"
Really guys REALLY!!!! All because I refused once.
Damn it!!
I got heated up at the moment argued with my dad about how they're gonna fire me and questioning me why I dont want to work and stuff.
Called him out because my mom had a job in her hands and he told her no because "its too far" and shes taking care of an old man. So what I worked at freaking Anaheim and I live in Fontana.
Seriously just because one day i refused.
You can make it sound like the bad guy or whatever but its just..........

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